Exciting News!

I appreciate all of you faithful readers out there who believed I would return one day! =)  I took a long hiatus from my blog because I was busy being sick and growing babies!  Yep, you read that right.  Brandon and I found out on Christmas Eve that I am pregnant.  Little did we know that a couple of weeks later we would be told it was TWINS!  I have to be honest, it was quite a shock at first!  I spent almost every day for weeks scared about having enough arms and hours in the day to care for two newborns.  Now that the news has sunk in, we are so excited to welcome them into this world!  Lucky for me, the first trimester ended 8 days ago and boy am I glad to see it go!  If no one has told you yet, morning sickness is a big. fat. lie.  It should be called “worst in the morning” sickness.  Apparently some are luckier than others, but I was sick pretty much all day every day.  Now that the second trimester is here and each day I am feeling better and getting some energy back, I am excited to share our milestones, excitement and new experiences.  And of course – I can’t wait to decorate the nursery!  We have a 3D gender ultrasound scheduled in 3 weeks.  After that – the shopping begins! =)

Baptism Gift, Nursery Art Print,  (8x10), We Prayed for These Children, Twins, Girls, Boys, Christian Art Print

{ Etsy – VT Designs }


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