Painted Pumpkin DIY

Did anyone else see the October cover of Country Living Magazine?  I love it!  The chevron pattern has been so popular this year and I have been looking for small ways to incorporate it into our house.  What better way than painted pumpkins?  Obviously, the designers for Country Living spent a good deal of time perfectly aligning their chevron pattern (and it turned out beautiful).  I chose a simpler approach by using wider tape and it took me less than 15 minutes from start to finish.  I think this would be an excellent Fall project for kiddos (with supervision of course…unless you like spray painted grass and clothing…)!

{ Country Living }

The supplies are easy and simple.  I would venture to say most of us have all of this on-hand:  1. A Pumpkin (of course) 2. Spray Paint 3. Painter’s Tape

As I mentioned, I used wide tape and a very easy chevron pattern.  You could use thinner tape and get super creative.  The sky is the limit!

I sprayed a medium layer of paint onto the pumpkin.  It probably could have used another thin coat, but I intended to leave this guy on the porch so it didn’t have to be perfect.

I let the pumpkin dry in the sun for maybe 5 minutes before peeling the tape off. 

How cute is that?  I love seeing it on the porch as I pull into the driveway.  What fun crafts do you have planned for the Fall?  I can’t wait to share my next DIY project with you…and I am always open to new and creative ideas!


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