Home Office & Craft Room

Does everyone have that room where you put all of the random things that don’t have a place yet?  From the very day we moved in our house, our office became the official place for nomadic items.  No more, my friend!

I would love to share a before and after with you, but I have a total of *zero* pictures of the before office.  I assure you it never crossed my mind to take pictures of the random junk housed there =)

I do have a shot during the painting process….

This was approximately five minutes before the power went out and we had to start again the next day.

Our number one criteria for the office was book storage.  While pondering our future office setup, our books were housed in the guest room closet.  Let’s hope they don’t hate us forever.

I searched Pinterest, Google images and magazines searching for the perfect office set-up.  Despite all of the prior planning, we still spent 4+ hours in Ikea.  I’m pretty sure Brandon is scarred for life…

We decided on the Expedit desk combination because of the book storage and overall clean lines. 

Most of my small craft supplies are hidden in these two boxes…

I found this cute pencil holder at Marshall’s…

I love the width of the Expedit desk.  I can easily slide the computer over for a large crafting workspace…

My piano is on the other side of the room…

I love this vase!  It was my dad’s and (after much pleading) he graciously let me have it…

Curtains from Target…

So there you have it.  I am proud to announce that we have an organized home office.  I hope you love it as much as we do =)


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