A Dining Room Update

Long ago…when Brandon and I were (truly) newlyweds…living in an apartment and searching diligently for a dining room table…we stumbled upon one that we thought was perfect.  It matched our living room set (oh the naiveté) and had a large GLASS top.  I said it – Glass Top!

That dining table is still (you guessed it) in the dining room at our new house!  Please don’t misunderstand my whining and pouting…it is a very nice table and we certainly have appreciated having a place to eat dinner.  Looking back, however, I would have chosen something easier to clean and a little smaller.  I would love to have some type of sideboard for more storage and entertaining, but the table is simply too big to allow for that.  We intend to list it online soon.

Anyway, since we are living with the table we have now I decided to move on and work with other things in the room to brighten it up a bit.  Here are a few photos after the updates….

Pretty Flowers…

I love lanterns.. =)

I would love to find a solid wood table and pair that with a few comfy upholstered chairs.  Until then, we will try to work with what we have.  There are two smaller changes I have also considered:

1. Add a couple of silver picture frames on the main wall for a gallery-style look

2. Mount a few white plates on the wall near the doorway to eliminate some blank space

What do you guys think?  I am always open to good design suggestions!


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