The Dinner Table

In a fast-paced world of school, work, sports, volunteering, and the myriad of responsibilities we all have it seems like the dinner table is a world forgotten.   This picture might make you laugh, but that’s okay… =)

This is definitely a typical dinner at our house…even when I make something as simple as barbecue sandwiches.  I love to have fresh flowers on the table.  They always make me smile.  It takes 10 seconds to light a candle and use actual dinner plates….and those small things make me feel like a million bucks when Brandon gets home from work.

Sometimes we get so busy that we forget to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.  Few things make me feel better than having a meal and an uninterrupted conversation with my husband.  And yes, I realize this can happen with paper plates and no flowers…but something about doing that little *extra* always makes it feel more special.  With everything within me I plan to continue this when we have children.  I want to know what happens at school.  I want to know what new friends they have made or what they learned that day.

I hope you all enjoy a nice relaxing weekend.  Remember to slow down…smell the roses, take your kids outside and throw a frisbee, or just use the “real” plates and sit down for dinner with your family.


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