A Completed Entryway!

I’m pretty sure the title already gave it away, but we finally we have a completed entryway!  I have been dreaming about the Hemnes cabinet at Ikea for weeks and we finally made it to Atlanta.  If you guys see Brandon around, please congratulate him for being the husband of the year!  He spent five and a half hours with me at Ikea!  That’s right – 5.5 hours!!  Then (without complaint) built all of the furniture we purchased over the following two days.  Woohoo!

I shared my vision for the space in this post.  Here is the quick mood board I put together…

And this is how it turned out…

I absolutely LOVE how functional this is!  The bowls on top hold our keys and sunglasses.  The gray bin on the wall holds outgoing mail.  The top drawer is for incoming mail and there is a small basket for receipts…

I am notorious for leaving my shoes out when I get home from work, so Brandon completely appreciates that this is a shoe cabinet instead of a dresser/table…

Brandon added a hook for my purse on the side and our umbrella stand is right below it.  This definitely increases the functionality, but I’m not completely sold on the purse hook….

Part of me thinks it is a bit cluttered.  I would love your thoughts!

It is so nice to stop at the door and have a place to put every. single. thing.  I hope you love the improvements as much as I do and can’t wait to see your comments.  Have a great week!

xoxo – Amanda


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