DVD Organization

Are you sensing a theme?  I have been organizing up a storm around here lately!  We have actually made some significant changes to our entryway and office in the past few days, but it is still a work in progress.  I can’t wait to finish so I can share it with you!  So until that time, I will keep you updated on some very simple ways to stay organized that anyone can utilize in their own home!

All of our DVD cases were previously kept in the TV console and we were quickly running out of space…

My sister-in-law keeps the DVDs her kids watch in a CD case for traveling (brilliant!)  I wanted to keep all of our DVD’s in one place, so I was going to need a large case.  I price shopped several places before ordering and Amazon was (by far) the best deal.

I was so excited when it finally arrived.  Does anyone else get that excited when they organize?  Here it is live and up close (ooooh…)

I didn’t go overboard with categorizing since the DVD’s constantly move in and out of slots.  I put most of our kid-friendly DVD’s in the front so they would be easy for our nieces and nephew to find.  I put all of our TV seasons at the very back so they could stay in sequential order and not mixed in with the rest.

I would love to say this section is only for the kids, but the truth is I still love a good Disney movie =)

We saved all of the cases and stored them in heavy-duty Rubbermaid bins in the attic.  I decided to keep them so if we ever want to sell one on Ebay or for whatever reason might need 300+ DVD cases in the future…they are still safely tucked away!

So that’s it…a very simple solution that has certainly served us well.  I love any organization project that will simplify our life and home.  Hope you all are having a wonderful week!


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