One Kitchen Drawer at a Time…

I love deep drawers in a kitchen for pots & pans, dishes and so much more.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury (add that to the wishlist for our next house).  Our kitchen is very small and has a total of 6 drawers (all of which are very small). 

After reading Ashli’s post at I Heart Organizing on organzing a deep kitchen drawer, I started to think about the functionality of the few ones that I do have. 

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One problem I have always had in our kitchen is organization for our plastic containers.  I had all of the containers stacked together in a bottom cabinet and the lids (for everything in the house) were located in this drawer…

(Warning: this is NOT pretty…)

The first thing I did was pull everything out and sort into categories:  1. Container lids for my set 2. Container lids that apparently belong to other people 3. Lids for drink bottles and 4. All-in-one lunchbox containers

I found this drawer liner at Marshall’s for something like $5 (for two rolls!!) 

I measured the inside of the drawer and cut the liner to size.

I found it much easier to pull the drawer completely out to insert the liner. 


This literally took a total of approximately 30 minutes…and brought me great joy! 

I’m not going to lie…I walked in the kitchen a few times to open the drawer and stare…

The first drawer was such a success and took so little time that I decided to do the one below it.  If you thought the first one was bad, this one will definitely make you feel better about yourself…

When we moved into the house three years ago, there were a few appliance manuals and extra pieces to random things the builder left in this drawer.  For some reason, it never occurred to either of us to stop using it that way.  It has slowly accumlated more manuals and tools for small projects around the house.  I did enjoy the  convenience of having a few nails and hammer at my fingertips, but this is obviously not the best use of my kitchen space.

I emptied everything out from the drawer (I’ll spare you those scary details).  The appliance manuals will be filed away in the office.  The extra parts to random household things will be labeled and put away in the garage.

Here is the end result…


I feel much better already about not having to search the bottom cabinet for the containers I need.  This definitely inspires me to continue working on kitchen organization.  I usually have a small amount of time in the evenings after work to tackle these projects, so it’s nice to know that one or two drawers at a time makes such a big difference!


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