A Weekend with Three Kids!

My brother and sister-in-law took a weekend trip to Washington D.C.  Brandon and I graciously volunteered to watch all three kids (Marshall 9, Madelyn 7, Campbell 2).  Please keep in mind that we don’t have any children of our own and usually watch one or two of them for a day at a time.  But since the parents haven’t had more than 24 hours to themselves in 9 years, it seemed like a getaway was long overdue.

I picked Marshall and Madelyn up from school and headed to Dairy Queen.  What better way to start a weekend, huh?

We ate pizza, visited the Museum of Arts and Sciences, ran around in the yard with kites, baked cinnamon rolls and (by order of myself) had quiet time (whew).  I’m pretty sure I fell off the social planet for three days since my iPad and iPhone were manipulated by someone other than me 90% of the time…

What sweet memories you can make….

Running from the T Rex at the Museum of Arts and Sciences…

While I was entertaining Campbell at the boneyard dig (since she was deathly afraid of everything else dinosaur related…)

Madelyn attempting to beat Brandon up before flying kites…

Marshall and Brandon having “guy time”…

Madelyn decided she wanted to have her own blog, which she entitled “My Three Days with Nonnie.”  Having a fan club never gets old =)

The cinnamon rolls the kids made (mostly) by themselves…

I have no idea what we are going to do this week to entertain ourselves!!  How quiet our house will be… =(


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