Magazine Organization

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE magazines.  The problem is finding a place to store them all.  In a perfect world, I would have walls of bookcases and keep them all in perfect order.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of that kind of space right now (our bookcases are filled to the brim with books already!)  So, I came up with a solution that is working pretty well so far.

I have been looking for a wall-mounted magazine rack and found this one at Marshall’s.  It was made of sturdy solid wood, already painted white, and on sale for $20!  Does it get any better?

I divided the slots into three categories: New, Reading, and To File and printed simple labels from my computer.  When new magazines come in the mail, I stick them in the top slot.  I keep all of the magazines I haven’t finished or want to look at again in the middle “Reading” slot.  When I know I am finished with a magazine it goes in the bottom “To File” slot.

The bin is mounted in the living room on the wall right outside of our bedroom.  I love the easy access…I can pick a favorite magazine and read on the couch…or I can take one as I head to bed at night (which I love!)

When I have a free moment, I take all of magazines from the “To File” bin and save my favorite articles, recipes, and the pictures that inspire me.  Those articles go into a 3-ring binder.  Everything that is left goes to the recycling bin.

I would love to keep all of my magazines as they are, but they really were taking over my house.  Of course, there are some editions (like BHG Organizing Specials) that I couldn’t bear to tear apart.  They live in the upright magazine bins on the bookshelves =)

I hope you enjoyed this simple tip.  Happy Organzing!


2 thoughts on “Magazine Organization

  1. Hi! Could you by any chance tell me who made the white wall magazine organizer you got at Marshall’s? I have been looking for this exact look with 3 slots for weeks and can’t find one like this anywhere! I thought if I had the company who made it, I could track down something similar. I thought this would be a simple task, but its turning out to be impossible! TIA!

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