Evolution of a Living Room

I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone that I can’t quite seem to settle on a  design for the living room.  I pull things out of the closet and change the pictures…buy new things that I think might work…watch Brandon roll his eyes when he sees me moving things again.  It’s an endless cycle…

It began like this…

Then this…

And then this…

And now we are here…

So, I decided earlier this month that I wasn’t going to do one more thing in the living room until I decided on a theme.  Since then, I have been looking at pictures galore on Pinterest and Houzz and scouring mood boards for inspiration.  I stumbled upon this one earlier this week and wanted to weep (really, there may have been a tear or two of joy…)

I. totally. love. it.

This BEAUTIFUL mood board was created by Sarah Macklem at the Yellow Cape Cod.  I have enjoyed reading her blog and watching her house updates for a long time, but just recently browsed the Mood Boards she has created for her clients.  Did I mention I totally love it??

I already knew I wanted to incorporate more gray into the room and the aqua is so fresh and happy.  We already have natural stone surrounding the fireplace and neutral furniture.  I think we can achieve this look by slowly changing our accent pieces.  Most importantly, I love how the art work ties all of the colors in the room together.  I know that is the missing link in our living room right now and I can’t wait to take our space to the next level. 

Do you guys have a design delimma that nags at you?  Are you changing pictures on the wall at midnight like me when you can’t sleep?  Keep the comments coming – we love to hear from you!


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