And there was light…!

All of the light fixtures in our house are builder basic…except for the breakfast nook chandelier that we replaced earlier last year.  It was so bad that Brandon and I decided it absolutely couldn’t wait…our eyes were suffering!  I am a fan of silver and brushed nickel, but have secretly dreamed of changing every light fixture in our house for quite some time.  On a recent trip to Lowe’s for a meager gallon of paint, I meandered down each aisle (for fun since Brandon wasn’t there to tell me no…).  I was strolling down the lighting aisle when something magnificent happened – CLEARANCE SIGNS!  I couldn’t believe it.  Three of my favorite light fixtures (as you can tell, I “meander” down this aisle a lot) were cheap. cheap. cheap.  To make a long story short – I left with FOUR light fixtures for $100. 

Brandon (thankfully still loves me) and graciously offered to hang the pendant in the entryway on Sunday.  Here is what the entryway looked like before:

Graciously working on a Sunday afternoon…

And here are some after pictures…

From a different angle…

I love the design inside the shade.  It makes me think of a fancy hotel…

I can’t wait to show you the other fixtures I picked up!! 



4 thoughts on “And there was light…!

  1. I love your blog. You can tell you have spent a lot of time on this and a lot of time on things in your home. I love it all.

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